Construction of water bodies for special purposes

The construction of reservoirs can have different purposes. Artificial ponds are created for garden decoration, arrangement of recreational areas, fishing, swimming, and also for fire safety – in this case, is the construction of the fire pond. The reservoir can perform any one function or combine several functions at once.

The construction of an artificial pond

The design of the artificial pond is largely due to its functionality. During the construction of an artificial pond for any purpose, be it a pond to breed fish or a pond, we always take into account the wishes of the customer and take into account territorial features of the site. Considering all these important aspects in the design phase, we are able to create a unique artificial reservoirs that meet all the requirements, but also complement the landscape of the site from the point of view of visual perception of space.

The construction of the fire pond

Fire pond is a storage of water used in case of fire. It is required on site to ensure an adequate level of fire safety. Unlike conventional ornamental pond the construction of the fire pond has a number of strict requirements designed to ensure unimpeded use if necessary.

Fire pond today – it’s not just a moat filled with water. Therefore, in addition to its direct purpose the fire pond can be used as recreational areas – enough to place him near the benches and table. The construction of ponds for fire fighting can be and the elements that allow to fit the pond into the surrounding landscape. The main requirement – they must not interfere with the use of the reservoir for the purpose.

The construction of reservoirs for fire fighting. Requirements:

In the fire pond water needs to be present continuously and in the necessary volume

The required volume of water is calculated from the number present on the territory of buildings and constructions, their area and number of storeys. The volume of water must remain the same as in the summer, despite intensive evaporation, and in winter, when the ice surface. To the required volume of water was available throughout the year, the depth of the fire pond must exceed the depth of frost penetration.

The availability of convenient and reliable entrance to the pond

In the event of fire was quickly put out, it is necessary to provide for fire fighting equipment unobstructed access to the water. Additionally, the construction of ponds for fire fighting includes strengthening the coastline. that it is able to withstand heavy fire equipment.

The construction of ponds for breeding and catching fish

An artificial pond on the plot can be decorative in addition to perform a purely practical function – in particular it can be used for cultivation of ecologically clean fish.

But the device of water bodies requires compliance with a number requirements:

Optimum size. Of course, the size of the pond depends on the number of fish that you plan to breed. But the best method for such purposes is a pond with a diameter of at least 50 to 100 meters and a depth from 3 meters to 5 meters.

Create multiple functional zones: shallow (beach), providing convenient access to the waterfront, deep water, designed to maintain optimal for breeding fish temperature.

The quality of the water. With this purpose established special systems (filters, aerators).

The construction of ponds for bathing, the device of reservoirs

The construction of ponds for bathing equipment involves several areas: the beach, providing a convenient entry into the water, and bathing areas optimal on length, width and depth. The main requirement to the pond for bathing – hygiene. That is why during the construction of this reservoir in absolute biological balance that will prevent such unpleasant phenomena as turbidity and algal blooms.

Our company carries out construction of reservoirs of any type. We have been developing and implementing projects, such as decorative ponds and reservoirs for bathing, breeding and fishing, as well as fire fighting in compliance with all necessary requirements. We undertake all works associated with the construction of a reservoir on Your plot, starting out with no place and design to decorative design.

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