Peculiarities of cooking, useful properties and varieties

Som is a well – known food fish, which predator. Fish can have different sizes, the largest catfish reach a weight of 300 kg and five meters in length.

History and geography of the product

Catfish inhabits a variety of waters all over the world. The main habitat of this fish is the rivers and lakes of Europe. To the East where there are catfish, confined to the Rhine, to the North – South border of Finland. South of Europe catfish lives everywhere, it occurs in Asia Minor, in the waters of the inland seas – the Aral and the Caspian. All the rivers that flow into them, is also rich in this fish. Catfish can be found also in Africa and America.

Catfish are not indigenous to Siberia, because it’s too cold. Also, if we talk about the European part of Eurasia, it is possible to note the absence of this fish in Italy, France, England and West Germany.

Som is an important target species, but not always. Our ancestors didn’t hunt catfish and even at random its production did not use the fish as food. The fact that som was considered a fish that is water. In folk tales it is som brought water people drowned, tore nets, broke through dams and created all sorts of minor and major mischief to the human race. Still preserved the old name soma, he was called a fucking horse .

Today superstitions finished, and soma are mined in all of the species.He is caught not only for fishing but also for pleasure. Sport fishing for catfish is of great interest.


There are several types of catfish:

• Ordinary

• Catfish-eel

• Electric catfish

• Toothy catfish

and some others.

The most common, as the name implies, is the Wels catfish. Its body is dark in color covered with mucus, and it lives almost everywhere. Among freshwater Wels catfish is a giant, as it can reach a weight of over 200 kg. It is not only a food fish, catfish ordinary, you can easily catch the bait.

Catfish-eel lives in Africa. Another of his name – Sarmat. The difference from other species long dorsal fin and a horrifying fall with spikes of different lengths.

Electric catfish live in Africa and in the Arab countries. The name they received because of the features to produce an electric discharge, therefore, the electric catfish are considered dangerous. They can be eaten, although the Africans and the Arabs do not.

Toothy catfish live in South America, in their mouth you will see a lot of teeth, which grow not only on the jaws but also on the sky. The most common toothy catfish are American and the volcanic found in the craters of extinct volcanoes, which have become lakes.

Useful properties

Useful properties of soma can vary depending on its habitat. But the composition of the fillet of this fish is about the same and very rich. It contains:

• Proteins and fats

• Vitamins A, b, C, PP, E

• Macro – and trace elements calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine, sulfur, zinc, manganese, fluorine, cobalt, molybdenum, Nickel, chlorine, copper, manganese, phosphorus

• Essential amino acids (mostly lysine)

The flesh of catfish is most useful for children and young people. Due to the low content of connective tissue it is very well absorbed. Great protein content with essential amino acids allows the use of soma as a complete replacement of meat.

Catfish meat, though it is considered a fat, not contain many calories. It can be used for those who are dieting or just want to lose weight. Diabetes and obesity the middle part of catfish, steamed – perfect diet dish. Thus, catfish is a versatile fish that can be used in diets for various diseases.

Due to high content of potassium consumption of soma is the prevention of some heart diseases and hypertension. Calcium combined with other minerals promotes strong bones. Fatty acids are responsible for fighting with cholesterol.

Separately should say about vitamin a, retinol. It is known that it is absorbed only in the lipid environment. No wonder vitamin a usually comes in an oil consistency. Vitamin a along with the fat in the meat of catfish is a great help to his digestion.

In addition, the meat of catfish is recommended to include in the diet of women who want to have strong nails strong and shiny hair. Fresh catfish eggs used in cosmetics as part of masks for the face.


Catfish meat contains almost no bones. The white meat is tender and soft, has a slightly sweet aftertaste. Som is considered a fatty fish, but it is worth noting that the bulk of the accumulated fat in its tail section.

However, soma and is a significant drawback: it has a strong fishy odor. But that does not stop foodies to enjoy the sweet and fatty flesh fish.

Use in cooking

Before taking up the preparation of soma, it should be cleaned and gutted. Be sure to remove the gills and blood clots under the spine. Store soma fresh for a long time, since the fat contained in fish can become rancid. But it can be frozen.

Today som is used in food completely, and before the fishermen threw most of the fish, using only her fat tail. The tail really is the most delicious part of soma. It is cooked first and second courses, snacks, filling for pies.

Delicious catfish in smoked form. So there is not a pronounced smell of the river, which has fish. If you want to cook the fish any other way, get rid of the smell will help you with the following tips. Hold the carcass for half an hour in a solution of citric acid or a few hours in milk.

Catfish can be fried, steamed, added to various meat sauces. In this case, the obtained calorie meals will be high. As for the diet it is best to cook steamed fish or boil, bake in foil in its own juices or with vegetables, cook on the grill without adding fat. Som goes best with a side dish containing grain products. This is due to the content in its composition lysine, which is low in cereals.

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