The content of gold fish: the basic rules

Homeland aquarium goldfish is considered to be China, where they appeared over a thousand years ago. The ancestor of this type is considered the Chinese silver carp, and the species has many varieties that are impossible to count. The most common is a Golden fish with red and Golden color and a white belly. The content of goldfish in their specificity is slightly different from the conditions of other species of aquarium fish and do not require special care, but under certain necessary conditions.


The shape and volume of the aquarium is as important for the health of the goldfish. It should have enough space to swim. Here it helps to imagine a family of four living in a Studio apartment. Ideally, the contents of the goldfish aquarium implies the classical form, where the volume is determined at the rate of 4 liters of water per individual. In other words, you should not keep three fish in the aquarium with a volume of 4 liters, the necessary capacity of 12 liters. On the other hand, it is permissible in the same volume of water to contain four zlotys fish. To fish feel comfortable and be healthy, you need to weekly change water in the aquarium, about 10-20% of the total volume of water.

The right temperature

In nature, in natural conditions of the pond or lake, goldfish live in cold water. But when the content of the in home, you need to remember that those species that are now sold in pet stores are often bred in captivity. Therefore, the proper maintenance of a goldfish begins with the maintenance of the optimal water temperature in the aquarium. It should never rise above 73 degrees Fahrenheit and ideally between 65 and 68 degrees. It is important to remember that this is Fahrenheit and not Celsius. The long period of goldfish in the water, with a temperature above 73 degrees, just deprive it of oxygen, which will adversely affect her heart and nerves, as well as seriously weaken the immunity of the pet.

Pure content

Essential to keeping aquarium fish and their health, has timely water filtration. The filter removes the harmful toxins from water and helps prevent disease of fish. Select the filter required volume of the aquarium. If desired, you can purchase an aquarium with a built-in water filtration system that will save money.

This publication like to use aquarium soil and gravel. In this case, soil is not only a part of decoration of the aquarium, but also serves as a soil for plant life. Also, goldfish love to dig, digging out plants and mute water. This should be considered when selecting a filter, choose plants with a good root system. Some owners of plant protection, practically the entire bottom is covered with gravel or pebbles, leaving a small spot under the sand for fish.

Proper nutrition

In relation to nutrition goldfish quite unpretentious, although they eat quite a lot and with gusto. It is also important to take into account the fact that by nature they are accustomed to feed on carrion. So their diet is more should consist of live food, for example, in the menu you can include bloodworms, earth worms, Tubifex. From plant feed gold fish eat duckweed and lettuce. Also they can be fed bread crumbs, sliced some minced meat (often mixed with bread to form balls the size of a pea), boiled cool, fresh porridge made of buckwheat, wheat or oats.

For normal life, unlike other aquarium fish, goldfish needed more carbs and less proteins. To feed the fish dry food should be strictly in accordance with the instructions. Despite the fact that these fish are pretty hungry, you’d better not feed them too much and too often. Ideally, the daily amount of feed should not exceed 3% of the total weight. Adult fish are usually fed twice a day — morning and evening. Feed should be given as much as fish will eat in 10-20 minutes, and leftover food must be removed from the water. It’s better to Supplement than to overfeed Pets. With proper care, goldfish is quite normal can live without food for a week.

Aquarium decoration

In their natural habitat goldfish would be easy prey, so they have a natural instinct to be always on the alert and they like to hide. To make the fish feel comfortable in the aquarium, it is necessary to provide them with the opportunity to escape. Now in specialized stores you can find a lot of various decorations. When setting up the aquarium for keeping this species of fish it is important to keep in mind that they love to hide not in plants, namely in various shelters out of driftwood and other decorative items. The same processing tank is essential to ensure that plants, gravel and decorations do not have sharp or rough edges because it may harm the fish. To use massive decorations, such as, caves, castles, or ships, are also not recommended because they can injure fish.


Goldfish only contain with other types of goldfish, and ideally they should be kept with the same type. Although goldfish are distinguished by their friendliness and do not show aggressiveness towards other fish species. But competition for food has not been canceled, and various types of fish have different physical capabilities. Therefore, fish that are by nature physically weaker and slower feed might just not get it and they will die.

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