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Moray is one of the most interesting and controversial fish

Long been one of the most dangerous predators of the planet was considered to be the Moray eel. In Ancient Rome there was even a method of punishment is to throw the guilty slave into a pool of Moray eels, especially predatory fish were not fed for a very long time and within two-three months accustomed to the smell of human blood. Largely because of this, the eels are considered very dangerous to humans, but it is not. Almost all attacks on people eels occur only to the human fault since many people while in the water do not care about security. You should remember that all the predators never attack on the first exceeding in size creatures.

And the Moray eel will attack a much larger enemy only in self-defense, but many divers often inadvertently stick my hand in the small caves and grottos, which are located in coral reefs, although there and live eels. Throughout the world there are about hundreds of species of these fish, varying in size.

The largest specimen of Moray – the Moray eel Gymnothorax javanicus, or as it is called the Javanese likadant. This fish can grow up to 3 meters in length, it lives in tropical or temperate waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, along the coast of Islands in South-East Asia and Australia, as well as in the Red sea. Continue reading

The most unusual fish of the world ocean

The active exploration of the underwater world started relatively recently — in the middle of the last century. For this purpose it was necessary to invent the sonar, scuba, submersibles… How many surprises were in the depths of the sea! The diversity of life forms is staggering. Before you ten most charming, strange, scary and rare fish, which were found to mankind.

Hairy monkfish. Opened in 1930. Very strange and scary fish that live deep at the bottom, where there is no sunlight — 1 km and deeper. To lure the inhabitants of the deep sea uses a special glowing growth on the forehead, around the characteristic detachment udenstvertne. Due to the special metabolism and extremely sharp teeth he can eat everything that comes, even if the victim is at times more and is a predator. Propagated by no less strange than it looks and feeds — due to the extremely harsh conditions and the rarity of the fish, male (ten times smaller females) is attached to the flesh of his lady and all the necessary transfers through the blood.

Plasence. Opened in 1884. These sharks are superficially much more like a strange sea snake or eel than his closest relatives. The frill-neck shark Gill openings, of which there are six Continue reading

The content of gold fish: the basic rules

Homeland aquarium goldfish is considered to be China, where they appeared over a thousand years ago. The ancestor of this type is considered the Chinese silver carp, and the species has many varieties that are impossible to count. The most common is a Golden fish with red and Golden color and a white belly. The content of goldfish in their specificity is slightly different from the conditions of other species of aquarium fish and do not require special care, but under certain necessary conditions.


The shape and volume of the aquarium is as important for the health of the goldfish. It should have enough space to swim. Here it helps to imagine a family of four living in a Studio apartment. Ideally, the contents of the goldfish aquarium implies the classical form, where the volume is determined at the rate of 4 liters of water per individual. In other words, you should not keep three fish in the aquarium with a volume of 4 liters, the necessary capacity of 12 liters. On the other hand, it is permissible in the same volume of water to contain four zlotys fish. To fish feel comfortable and be healthy, you need to weekly change water in the aquarium, about 10-20% of the total volume of water.

The right temperature

In nature, in natural conditions of the pond or lake, goldfish live in cold water. But when the content of the Continue reading

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