How to build a pond for fish

An artificial pond for breeding or rearing fish can be done.

very simple and cheap (Fig. 39). The bottom and sides it is possible not to coat it. In low position the level will be replenished by groundwater. However, he will be changeable, depend on the amount of moisture in the soil and rainfall, but it can be grown undemanding fish — carp, tench.

Fig. 39. Artificial pond with submerged banks: 1 — compacted soil; 2 – sand cushion (150-200mm); 3 — gravel layer (40-60mm); 4 — concrete reinforced steel mesh diameter 4 — 8mm (120-150mm); 5 — waterproofing; 2 layers of roofing material on bitumen mastic; 6 — protective layer of concrete (50-60mm); 7 — plant soil (120-200mm); 8 — coarse-grained sand (30-50mm); 9 – water; 10 — veneer decorative tiles; 11 — the path of concrete paving blocks; 12 — pebbles; 13 — container for aquatic vegetation; 14 — overflow pipe; 15 — drain pit.

Simple and inexpensive ponds — clay and film. The downside is they are quite easily damaged and not always convenient in operation. Not cheap, but reliable major reservoirs. They do not require special care, well hold water, and the banks not SAG. When using concrete you can make the pond any profile, to make deepening and shoals, underwater stage-terracycle shallow plants.

What a place to devote to an artificial pond on the plot. When you consider that the mini-pond” except for shopping, has aesthetic value, it must be placed in the recreation area, near the house, among the flower beds. It is important that he was not completely obscured by trees and buildings. Continue reading

What can you cook fish

Fish – a valuable food product, a favourite in many countries of the world since ancient times. Dieticians almost unanimously say that the fish is just a real treasure on the content of nutrients. And it is impossible not to agree. Because the fish in sufficient quantity contains easily digestible proteins and healthy fatty acids omega-3, vitamins and minerals. The fish contains a small amount of saturated fats, so its benefits are obvious.

Nutritionists suggest that you have to enter a fish in the diet, and to cook fish dishes at least twice a week.

Try to cook fish for our recipes, and you will want to do it more often!

Baked fish in Italian

Italy is a Maritime country, so the fish in there love to cook and very tasty. Try to prepare and cook Italian recipes. Sure, you will like it.

For this simple recipe you will need white meat sea fish. You can take Agra fillet or barramundi, and even better – the sea of language, then the dish will turn out especially tender and juicy.

600 g white fish fillet in Italian you will need:

2 tbsp capers,

pinch fresh or dry oregano,

white pepper, Continue reading

6 most unusual places in the world for diving

For those who are not surprise coral reefs and colorful fishes – diving among the Antarctic glaciers, mysterious ruins, underwater volcanoes and unique graves.

1. The Museum of underwater Modern art, Mexico

Off the coast of the Mexican resort of Cancun, diving and cultural tourism are synonymous.

At the time of the Cancún marine Park is on the brink of extinction: because of the huge influx of tourists and climatic changes, his once magnificent coral reefs with their inhabitants is threatened with destruction. With the purpose to somehow distract irrepressible divers from the reef, not depriving the tourists of submarine entertainment, the Mexican government sponsored the creation of the world’s largest underwater Museum. By 2011, under the waters off the coast of the resort was built more than 400 sculptures the size in human growth.

Each of the statues, created by sculptor and diver Jason Taylor, is unique. The Museum is located not too deep below the surface, so to swim among his sculptures can divers and inexperienced snorkler. According to the project, the statue will change its appearance from year to year, gradually overgrown with corals, so to come back here in a new place again and again.

2. McMurdo Bay, Antarctica – ice diver

Diving in the Antarctic? Yes, it really is among the temperature often falling below 40 degrees, where there are no insects, no plants, no large animals, people do the unthinkable and plunge straight into the icy depths. Antarctic McMurdo Bay is a place where divers pierce five-foot layer of ice with the aim to dive in the water, visibility up to 300 meters! Continue reading

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