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Dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea

Annually blessed “Tavrida shores” for hundreds of thousands of tourists who are absorbed in only one purpose: to quickly plunge in the gentle waves of the Black sea or to throw the bait into its depths. But, unfortunately, not all coming to rest know that careless bather can lie in wait for troubles associated not only with threat of storm waves, submerged rocks and currents, great depths, but also with some representatives of marine fauna, which may cause harm to the health.

What you need to know about the dangerous inhabitants of the black sea depths?

One of the potentially dangerous creatures can bite on your hook just a few metres from the shore. If you get out of the water wicked-looking brownish fish with a length of 10-20 cm, whose head with big bleary eyes covered with spikes and spines, and spotted the back is crowned with the same barbed fin, know that it is a marine fish or the Scorpion ( Scorpaena porcus ) . He lives usually on rocky ground, clogging under large rocks and in crevices of rocks, where waiting for prey – smaller fish. Pick up ruff unsafe, because the dorsal and Gill spines its poisonous, prick them brings about a short-term, but rather pain, dizziness, and weakness. Therefore, to remove ruff with Kruchinina very carefully, and when you cook it from your ear (and it turns out excellent!), you must remove all the thorns.

Sometimes desert shallow water with a sandy bottom can be found big (half a meter) fish, which has a flattened, diamond shaped body, ending with a long, thin tail. This Stingray or the marine cat ( Dasyatis pastinaca) . At the end of his tail is white bone spike with a lot of small poisonous chipping. If you accidentally step in the water the peacefully lying on the sand of the ramp, then he can hit the hapless swimmer in the leg with his spike and cause ragged, painful, and long healing wounds. Continue reading

The flora and fauna of the Black sea

Over the past Millennium has developed this unique shape of the Black sea. This is the most fresh sea, with the lowest content of salt in sea water, the gentle sea-to-person around the globe!

The black sea is the most Northern subtropics in the world . the amazing beauty of the southern nature. It walks under the shade of palm and eucalyptus trees. It’s the heady aroma of blooming magnolias and meadow grasses. The Mediterranean sea brought the most modern inhabitants of the Black sea . The few remaining survivors of the disaster relict freshwater species, including the famous Azov-black sea sturgeon . took refuge in the river deltas of the black sea region .

The flora of the Black sea

The flora of the Black sea includes 270 species of multicellular green, brown, red benthic algae (Cystoseira, Phyllophora, zoster, kladofora, Ulva, enteromorpha, etc.).

In the composition of phytoplankton in the Black sea — not less than six hundred species. Among them, dinoflagellates — loricate flagellates (prorocentrum micans, ceratium furca, small scripsiella Scrippsiella trochoidea, etc.), dinoflagellates (dinophysis, protoperidinium, alexandrium), various diatoms, etc.

The fauna of the Blacksea

The fauna of the Black sea is markedly poorer than the Mediterranean sea . In the Black sea is home to 2.5 million species of animals (including 500 single-celled species, 160 species of vertebrates — fish, mammals, 500 species of crustaceans, 200 species of mollusks, and the rest — invertebrates of different species), for comparison, in the Mediterranean — about 9 thousand species. Continue reading

Goldfish (Carassius auratus).

The Carp Family (Cyprinidae).

Gold, or Chinese, crucian carp (Carassius auratus) found in the wild in Korea, China and Japan. This crucian carp in nature has a Golden hue, especially in shallow, well warmed by the sun waters.

Of all aquarium fish, goldfish have the longest history. Goldfish, a domesticated form of the Golden carp was first bred in China over 1500 years ago, where these, taking advantage of the variability of carp in coloration and in the shape of the body, engaged in the culture of ornamental carp. Goldfish bred in garden ponds and reservoirs in the estates of the nobility and wealthy people. It was the first time goldfish imported in the mid-eighteenth century. Currently widespread many varieties of goldfish.

Main color of body and fins reddish-Golden, the back is darker than the abdomen. Other types of coloring: pale pink, red, white, black, black-blue, yellow, dark bronze, fiery red. The body of a gold fish is elongated, slightly compressed laterally. In ponds goldfish can grow up to 35 cm, but in a normal aquarium its size is much smaller. To distinguish males from females only during the spawning season. Then the female has a rounded abdomen while the males on the thoracic gills Plavnieki there are a white “rash”. Continue reading

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Dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea
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