Marine and freshwater fish. The similarities and differences.

The Caspian sea should be considered a sea or a lake? Because it is not connected directly with the ocean, according to the strict requirements of geography, therefore, is the lake. But the water in this lake is salty, marine. Therefore, we call this the closed reservoir of the sea. Lake Baikal is a lake or the sea? Baikal is also considered the lake as it is fresh water.

Fish who spend their lives performing in high salty waters of the sea; fish, living from birth to death in fresh water – freshwater.

And the fish that live in the coastal parts of seas, where flow of fresh water rivers? They are usually considered as brackish.

In the Caspian sea is the real sea herring, which live and breed in the sea and in fresh water will never enter. All three groups of Caspian herrings that peacefully exist in one place, related to each other, but they differ in their appearance and biological features: first marine, second is saltwater, third freshwater.

There are species of herring, living in the sea for spawning going far in the river. These fish have a characteristic title: “diadromous fishes”. Continue reading

Sharks attacks on humans

How I was almost eaten by a shark

Remember the words of captain Cousteau: “the Shark is one of the most magnificent sea creatures. We admire her strength and beauty.” And fear of shark attacks . People they consider to be their eternal enemies in the sea. Still, after one movement of the jaw can bite man, one blow to overturn the boat. Man-eating sharks reach a length of twelve metres and a giant whale grow to twenty.

How many spooky stories told about the shark attack on humans . They attacked the victims of the shipwreck, the divers descended to the bottom to work, bathers at coastal beaches. In Australia. tell, once the shark grabbed his leg to the man who stood almost on the very shore, and the water was just above the knee.

And I there is great hunting refers to the shark trust. Once they’re dead scared one of my close friend. It was he who told me this sob story. I’ll tell the first person. I think it’s better for perception. This story I heard more than once. And every time he began with the words: Continue reading

Gefilte fish

1 kg fish fillet (skinless and boned) — 1/2 loaf of wheat bread, 1 Cup milk or water (for soaking bread), 1 onions, 2 eggs, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 carrot, 1 beet, 1/2 parsley root, 1-2 Bay leaf, 3-4 peas of fragrant pepper, salt, ground black pepper.

Suitable for stuffing any meaty fish, not too oily, hard and without small intermuscular bones, white flesh, without a sharp specific smell and low fat fish fillet industrial production, better without dark skin.

From ocean fish for stuffing the preferred Grenadier, sea burbot and perch, fish-captain, blue whiting, saithe, cod, hake, Pollack. The meat of hake and Alaska Pollack is sometimes dry, kroshlivym, and the stuffing of them is badly molded. In this case, they should combine it with sea bass, cod or other fish, with more viscous pulp — like fish are taking 30-50 % of the weight of Alaska Pollock, hake. Continue reading

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