Construction of water bodies for special purposes

The construction of reservoirs can have different purposes. Artificial ponds are created for garden decoration, arrangement of recreational areas, fishing, swimming, and also for fire safety – in this case, is the construction of the fire pond. The reservoir can perform any one function or combine several functions at once.

The construction of an artificial pond

The design of the artificial pond is largely due to its functionality. During the construction of an artificial pond for any purpose, be it a pond to breed fish or a pond, we always take into account the wishes of the customer and take into account territorial features of the site. Considering all these important aspects in the design phase, we are able to create a unique artificial reservoirs that meet all the requirements, but also complement the landscape of the site from the point of view of visual perception of space.

The construction of the fire pond

Fire pond is a storage of water used in case of fire. It is required on site to ensure an adequate level of fire safety. Unlike conventional ornamental pond the construction of the fire pond has a number of strict requirements designed to ensure unimpeded use if necessary. Continue reading

Feeding fish

Intensification of pond culture includes a complex of measures aimed at improving fish productivity of ponds. These include clearing vodopodayuschih and drainage systems, removal from the ponds rigid vegetation, fertilizing the bed of the pond and sowing his crops, feeding fish, etc. the Greatest effect is achieved by feeding fish. Where the feeding is practiced, used multiple (two, three – five times) the landing of fish, fish productivity of reservoirs is increased 5-10 times.

For feeding fish more suitable drain, not overgrown, well reclaimed ponds. Should not be fed to fish in ponds where the water temperature is not heated above 15-16°, and with a large number of trash fish that eat the feed.

Feeding fish spend in the feeding tables or feeding sites, which have not sedimented areas with a depth of 60-70 cm, well lit by the sun. The amount of feed tables, feed or places is determined on the basis of one space for 200 carp.

Feed the square tables are made of tight-fitting plates of thickness 10 mm. the size of the table 1X1,5 m. At the edges of the nail rim with a height of 10 cm. the Trough is fixed by stakes with the bitches on the end to keep them from floating up, or other way.

For feeding carp use both plant and animal food. From plant Carmouche are peas, vetch, lupine, wheat, barley, oats, mill waste, various oil cakes, residues of alcohol, yeast, sugar, starch manufacture, of the animals – the remains of the meat and fish industry and some others. The nutritional value of these forages is characterized by different feed coefficients. Fodder coefficient in fish farming refers to the number showing the amount of feed expressed in kg. must be eaten by fish to produce 1 kg of her weight gain. For example, the feed conversion ratio of flax meal 4; this means that to produce 1 kg gain meat carp have to eat 4 kg of linseed cake. Continue reading

Dangerous sea creatures

Rear Admiral Viktor Dygalo Ananiyovich — a man who was born by the sea, and then gave him most of his life. In 1944, eighteen-year-old boy, he participated in the fighting at the ships of the black sea fleet, in 1945 — the Victory Parade. Then there were twenty years of service on submarines, command of a division, composed tragically died in March 1968 at the Hawaiian Islands missile submarine K-129.

Experienced sailor extensively in the seas and oceans, visited ports in Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa and Europe, twice crossed the equator. He watched not only marine animals in the open ocean, but in the gigantic aquariums in Singapore and Suez.

Knowledge of the underwater world and the impressions reflected in the article about those ocean creatures that should be feared.

Candidate of naval Sciences, Professor V. DYGALO.

When people talk about the dangers hidden in the ocean, people think of sharks. The mere mention of them evokes fear, before my eyes immediately gets the image of a giant shark from the famous American movie “Jaws” filmed in the early 1970s, based on the novel by Peter Benchley.

Actually shark, includedirectory species, and a total of more than 250, do not attack people. Just behave and other toothy predators of the sea-giants. But we are not talking about them. Continue reading

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