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Life of the ponds and fish in the winter

All anglers very important to know about the life of reservoirs and their inhabitants in the winter. Winter climate radically changes the habits of the fish and affects all physico-chemical processes occurring in reservoirs. So, I’ll talk to Oyu this in more detail.

The first very cold snap affect the processes occurring in the water. When lowering the temperature to +4 With all vegetation and living beings change their way of life. Plankton freezes on the bottom of the reservoir down the algae, the fish leaves the place of their summer encampments, and goes deeper into the water.

What’s going on under the ice surface?

At the first freeze, if there’s no wind on the upper surface there is an ice crust. With the increase of the frost it’s getting bigger. This decreases the amount of entering oxygen. His stocks too much is spent on decomposition processes occurring in the water. Rotting fallen leaves, branches, the remaining plants and protozoa. Oxygen is consumed, and no reserves are replenished, since the pond is covered with ice. In such water becomes very difficult to breathe, fish and other inhabitants, they begin to suffocate. Continue reading

Useful properties in fish hake

Useful properties in fish hake

Yet the Ancient Egyptians believed that fish stimulates sexual activity and therefore the priests were forbidden to take it in the food. And women who take care of their health and beauty of marine fish is very useful. Today we will talk about useful properties in fish, hake.

The properties contained in fish hake are one of the components of good health. Fish is a healthy food of animal origin. Consists mainly of protein, cholesterol in half in less than lean meat. In the human body to digest fish much better than meat. While fish is low in calories, perfect for the product , and even self-sufficient, requiring no bread, no potatoes.

Useful properties

Opticians have found a link between consumption of fatty fish and the state of their eyesight. When consumed fish at least once a week in half you reduce the risk of vision loss after age 60. There is also a relationship between fish and heart in the example of the Eskimos. Eskimos who ate almost exclusively animal food, were among the first of a heart attack at an early age, as they consumed large amount of cholesterol and fat, almost did not consume vegetables, fruits and herbs. The vessels and heart of the Eskimos were in perfect condition. After this discovery, fish and fish oil is strongly suggested as a preventive tool for cardiovascular diseases. Not many products Continue reading

Moray is one of the most interesting and controversial fish

Long been one of the most dangerous predators of the planet was considered to be the Moray eel. In Ancient Rome there was even a method of punishment is to throw the guilty slave into a pool of Moray eels, especially predatory fish were not fed for a very long time and within two-three months accustomed to the smell of human blood. Largely because of this, the eels are considered very dangerous to humans, but it is not. Almost all attacks on people eels occur only to the human fault since many people while in the water do not care about security. You should remember that all the predators never attack on the first exceeding in size creatures.

And the Moray eel will attack a much larger enemy only in self-defense, but many divers often inadvertently stick my hand in the small caves and grottos, which are located in coral reefs, although there and live eels. Throughout the world there are about hundreds of species of these fish, varying in size.

The largest specimen of Moray – the Moray eel Gymnothorax javanicus, or as it is called the Javanese likadant. This fish can grow up to 3 meters in length, it lives in tropical or temperate waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, along the coast of Islands in South-East Asia and Australia, as well as in the Red sea. Continue reading

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