The spread of weed fishes in fish farms Balkhash basin

In recent decades all over the world especially urgent became the problem of biological invasions, which are defined as all cases of penetration of living organisms into ecosystems situated beyond the original normal distribution. Invasive species are called invasive species or alien species can affect populations, species and communities of aboriginal and Ichtiofauna Flor, sacaste leading to irreversible changes in ecosystems.

The contamination of water bodies and fish farms unexpected species for the Balkhash-ili basin is also very important. Work on acclimatization of new fish species and the impact of faunal assemblages on the results of acclimatization are summarized in the summary of the “Fishes of Kazakhstan”, /1/. At this time, as a result of purposeful and unintentional introductions of fish fauna composition of the basin has more than tripled and now consists of 42 species /2/.

The results of the introduction of herbivorous fish in ponds and pond fish farms of the former Soviet republics led to a massive undesirable replenishment of local fish fauna low-value, non-target species of fish of the Chinese complex. The study of problems related to the spread of weed fish in water bodies of Kazakhstan, were held sporadically for more than 20 years ago /3,4,5,6,7/, but these studies have not been completed.

The aim of this work is vietnamesechristian, species and quantitative composition unplanned of invasive species in fish farms Balkhash basin.


Materials for studies were collected from the following households:

1. Almaty pond farm is located on the river Ashybulak, the basin of Kaskelen. The farm has been breeding and commercial cultivation of common carp ( Cyprinus carpio ) in polyculture with phytovorous fish – white fish ( Hypophtalmihtix molitrix ), white Amur ( Ctenopharyngidon idella ).

2. Chilik pond farm is located on the bed of Lavar and R. Jars. This farm is also engaged in the breeding and rearing of carp in polyculture with herbivorous fish. At this time, the farm grows more valuable fish species: rainbow trout and paddlefish. Continue reading

What can you cook fish

Fish – a valuable food product, a favourite in many countries of the world since ancient times. Dieticians almost unanimously say that the fish is just a real treasure on the content of nutrients. And it is impossible not to agree. Because the fish in sufficient quantity contains easily digestible proteins and healthy fatty acids omega-3, vitamins and minerals. The fish contains a small amount of saturated fats, so its benefits are obvious.

Nutritionists suggest that you have to enter a fish in the diet, and to cook fish dishes at least twice a week.

Try to cook fish for our recipes, and you will want to do it more often!

Baked fish in Italian

Italy is a Maritime country, so the fish in there love to cook and very tasty. Try to prepare and cook Italian recipes. Sure, you will like it.

For this simple recipe you will need white meat sea fish. You can take Agra fillet or barramundi, and even better – the sea of language, then the dish will turn out especially tender and juicy.

600 g white fish fillet in Italian you will need:

2 tbsp capers,

pinch fresh or dry oregano,

white pepper, Continue reading

What are fish?

Species of fish is actually a great many, but everything is easier if you divide them into two main classes: sea and river. This is a simple division we have laid the Foundation of this article. You will learn what are the fish of the sea and river (freshwater). But before that, a few words about why fish are divided that way. It’s in the water in which certain types of fish can live. Of course, there are families of fish, e.g., perch, cod, salmon, etc. but as you know, sea water is salty and river water and water in lakes is fresh: therefore, this classification of fishes is justified. Now let us dwell on some species of river fish that are most common in our waters.

What are the fish river

Among the river fish the most popular species are considered such as IDE, ruff, trout, carp, bream, sturgeon, burbot, tench, bleak, perch, pike, roach, carp, perch, catfish, sterlet, eel, Chub, silver bream and others. Now tell you more about some of these species.


This is one of the most common species found on the territory of Russia. IDE love deep watercourses — rivers, streams and creeks, if they are certainly deep enough. This is a very beautiful fish with silvery, shimmering gold scales and dark blue back. The fins usually have a reddish tint. IDE adult weighs usually more than a kilogram,and some copies and does weigh in 5-6, and even 7 kg. the spawning occurs in April and may large schools. Feeds on aquatic vegetation, and shellfish. Continue reading

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