Goldfish (Carassius auratus).

The Carp Family (Cyprinidae).

Gold, or Chinese, crucian carp (Carassius auratus) found in the wild in Korea, China and Japan. This crucian carp in nature has a Golden hue, especially in shallow, well warmed by the sun waters.

Of all aquarium fish, goldfish have the longest history. Goldfish, a domesticated form of the Golden carp was first bred in China over 1500 years ago, where these, taking advantage of the variability of carp in coloration and in the shape of the body, engaged in the culture of ornamental carp. Goldfish bred in garden ponds and reservoirs in the estates of the nobility and wealthy people. It was the first time goldfish imported in the mid-eighteenth century. Currently widespread many varieties of goldfish.

Main color of body and fins reddish-Golden, the back is darker than the abdomen. Other types of coloring: pale pink, red, white, black, black-blue, yellow, dark bronze, fiery red. The body of a gold fish is elongated, slightly compressed laterally. In ponds goldfish can grow up to 35 cm, but in a normal aquarium its size is much smaller. To distinguish males from females only during the spawning season. Then the female has a rounded abdomen while the males on the thoracic gills Plavnieki there are a white “rash”. Continue reading

Peculiarities of cooking, useful properties and varieties

Som is a well – known food fish, which predator. Fish can have different sizes, the largest catfish reach a weight of 300 kg and five meters in length.

History and geography of the product

Catfish inhabits a variety of waters all over the world. The main habitat of this fish is the rivers and lakes of Europe. To the East where there are catfish, confined to the Rhine, to the North – South border of Finland. South of Europe catfish lives everywhere, it occurs in Asia Minor, in the waters of the inland seas – the Aral and the Caspian. All the rivers that flow into them, is also rich in this fish. Catfish can be found also in Africa and America.

Catfish are not indigenous to Siberia, because it’s too cold. Also, if we talk about the European part of Eurasia, it is possible to note the absence of this fish in Italy, France, England and West Germany.

Som is an important target species, but not always. Our ancestors didn’t hunt catfish and even at random its production did not use the fish as food. The fact that som was considered a fish that is water. In folk tales it is som brought water people drowned, tore nets, broke through dams and created all sorts of minor and major mischief to the human race. Still preserved the old name soma, he was called a fucking horse . Continue reading

Predatory fish

In carp ponds during filling with water often gets low (weed) fish (verhovka, ruff, gudgeon, roach, etc.), which to a great Kolichestvennye natural food.

In addition, in ponds inhabited by frogs, their larvae, various beetles, causing fish farming safely damage. To combat them in breeding ponds additional predatory fish – pike perch, catfish, pike.

Pike passes to predatory way of life at the age of 1 month. Its diet consists of weed fishes, the body height does not exceed 10% of its length.

Raising perch is usually carried out over 2 years before reaching the mass of 300-500 g. In southern areas with good food provision young of the year perch can reach 300 g. To produce offspring perch using healthy and netravmirovannymi producers at the age of 3-4 years (sex ratio 1:1) caught from natural waters, although producers selected from dvuhletki grown in ponds, fish tanks give the best results. Repair a herd and young stock kept in ponds uterine depth 2-2,5 m with a well-planned bed.

Walleye spawning takes place at temperatures of 7.5-8 degrees in cages, made of nylon or stainless metal mesh and installed at quiet sites with pebbly, sandy or dense clay base. Strew the bottom of the cages disinfected spruce and juniper branches. The lower part of the charge placed on the depth of 0.5 m from the bottom of the pond. Continue reading

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Predatory fish
In carp ponds during filling with water often gets low (weed) fish (verhovka, ruff, gudgeon,…

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