The content of gold fish: the basic rules

Homeland aquarium goldfish is considered to be China, where they appeared over a thousand years ago. The ancestor of this type is considered the Chinese silver carp, and the species has many varieties that are impossible to count. The most common is a Golden fish with red and Golden color and a white belly. The content of goldfish in their specificity is slightly different from the conditions of other species of aquarium fish and do not require special care, but under certain necessary conditions.


The shape and volume of the aquarium is as important for the health of the goldfish. It should have enough space to swim. Here it helps to imagine a family of four living in a Studio apartment. Ideally, the contents of the goldfish aquarium implies the classical form, where the volume is determined at the rate of 4 liters of water per individual. In other words, you should not keep three fish in the aquarium with a volume of 4 liters, the necessary capacity of 12 liters. On the other hand, it is permissible in the same volume of water to contain four zlotys fish. To fish feel comfortable and be healthy, you need to weekly change water in the aquarium, about 10-20% of the total volume of water.

The right temperature

In nature, in natural conditions of the pond or lake, goldfish live in cold water. But when the content of the Continue reading

Marine and freshwater fish. The similarities and differences.

The Caspian sea should be considered a sea or a lake? Because it is not connected directly with the ocean, according to the strict requirements of geography, therefore, is the lake. But the water in this lake is salty, marine. Therefore, we call this the closed reservoir of the sea. Lake Baikal is a lake or the sea? Baikal is also considered the lake as it is fresh water.

Fish who spend their lives performing in high salty waters of the sea; fish, living from birth to death in fresh water – freshwater.

And the fish that live in the coastal parts of seas, where flow of fresh water rivers? They are usually considered as brackish.

In the Caspian sea is the real sea herring, which live and breed in the sea and in fresh water will never enter. All three groups of Caspian herrings that peacefully exist in one place, related to each other, but they differ in their appearance and biological features: first marine, second is saltwater, third freshwater.

There are species of herring, living in the sea for spawning going far in the river. These fish have a characteristic title: “diadromous fishes”. Continue reading

Sharks attacks on humans

How I was almost eaten by a shark

Remember the words of captain Cousteau: “the Shark is one of the most magnificent sea creatures. We admire her strength and beauty.” And fear of shark attacks . People they consider to be their eternal enemies in the sea. Still, after one movement of the jaw can bite man, one blow to overturn the boat. Man-eating sharks reach a length of twelve metres and a giant whale grow to twenty.

How many spooky stories told about the shark attack on humans . They attacked the victims of the shipwreck, the divers descended to the bottom to work, bathers at coastal beaches. In Australia. tell, once the shark grabbed his leg to the man who stood almost on the very shore, and the water was just above the knee.

And I there is great hunting refers to the shark trust. Once they’re dead scared one of my close friend. It was he who told me this sob story. I’ll tell the first person. I think it’s better for perception. This story I heard more than once. And every time he began with the words: Continue reading

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