The benefits of fish

The use of fish has long been proven, but not everyone knows that saltwater fish are much healthier. What exactly is the benefit of fish from the depths of the sea? This is the most effective natural activator of mental activity, because the meat of sea and ocean inhabitants contains much more fluorine and iodine than their freshwater brothers. Consider the features and benefits most popular fish .

A bit more about the benefits of fish. Marine fish contains a lot of amino acids – tryptophan, methionine, lysine. Their balance is excellent for a person. In the meat of marine animals contains a protein called taurine ,which perfectly regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels

In the meat of oceanic fish species to accumulate large amounts of manganese, copper, zinc, boron and iron. While the present compounds of calcium and magnesium is important for prevention of osteoporosis. Regularly eating seafood will ensure that you have a balanced metabolism

In favor of fish from the seas and oceans says high content of fish oil, which is known to contain biologically active fatty acids, namely Omega 3 and Omega-6 and vitamins A ,D,E,F.

Also a plus oceanic fish species is that they are less susceptible to contamination by pesticides and radionuclides than are the inhabitants of freshwater reservoirs.

The benefits of fish. Which fish is healthier?

1. Mackerel. The most popular kinds of atleticheskaja. the Spanish mackerel and Indian mackerel. The mackerel is an interesting feature –the longer it is, the higher its fat content. At small fish (15-20 cm) it is 6% of body mass, in individuals up to 60 cm for about 20%. Besides the meat of mackerel contains about 24% easily digestible protein and vitamins D and B12.Tender and juicy meat contains fine bones and is an excellent choice for baking and sautéing. Smoking is not a very suitable option for adhering to a healthy lifestyle. In fried and cooked mackerel meat becomes too dry.

2.Cod. There are many breeds of this fish: the Atlantic, Pacific. Baltic, the white sea, Greenland, Kildin. Cod is white, lean fish. The benefit of this fish is that it is only 0,3-0,9% fat, lots of vitamins B12, selenium, phosphorus and iron, and a good balance of sodium and potassium. The aroma of fresh cod like the smell of algae. Cod liver oil is a valuable source of fatty acids, in which the dissolved vitamins A and D. Cod is also liked for its lack of small bones. You can fry. simmer, boil, and it will always have a juicy consistency.

3.Heck. Another name of this fish is hake. Hake belongs to the family of cod. Distinguish Atlantic ( silver hake) Pacific and breed this fish. From other cod it has a more narrow and long body, silver sides and black mouth. Hake is a predator, his favorite food is mackerel and herring. Hake meat is not lean and contains about 4% fat. Dishes made from this fish is popular in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine.

4. Sea bass .It is a fish of the family skarynovich. In the Nordic seas, this fish is mined all year round. The white meat of grouper is high in protein, about 17-18%, fat content is average. In the perch high content of Omega 3 acids. Best of all this fish is ideal for frying and soups.

5. Flounder. This deep-water fish found in many seas. The fat content of the flounder varies and depends on the place. where she dwells and season. But there is always a lot of vitamin B12. A and D. the Flounder is excellent in baked and fried.

6. Halibut. A close relative of the flounder. These fish live in shallow water and are found in almost all the high seas. Halibut belongs to the fatty fish and contains 13-21% body fat. Of valuable nutrients it contains a lot of vitamin D and selenium. Turbot meat is juicy and firm texture and is ideal for baking in foil.

7. Catfish. Very sought after spotted and striped breed of this fish. Mined all year round. Predatory catfish it feeds on sea urchins, molluscs and crabs. The use of this fish in the content of vitamins A,D and B12. The fat content depends on the season and ranges from 5% to 12%. During the spawning season from November to February it is the least greasy. Ideal for second courses – very few small bones, delicate white meat goes well with sauce and well baked.

8.Trout. As well as salmon. it can be divided into 2 categories: – caught in season from may to September in the open sea and fish farms that supply fish all year round. Sea trout – the largest of the subspecies and reaches a length of 90 cm Freshwater trout do not grow longer than 50 cm trout is a fatty fish; its fat content exceeds 20%. Contains a large amount of valuable nutrients – fatty acids Omega 3, vitamins a,D and B12. The meat of this fish is suitable for all methods of cooking.

The use of fish is invaluable for a healthy diet. So. if you do not eat meat, often include in your diet this excellent source of protein, vitamins and fatty acids .

I wish you all health and prosperity!

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