Useful properties in fish hake

Useful properties in fish hake

Yet the Ancient Egyptians believed that fish stimulates sexual activity and therefore the priests were forbidden to take it in the food. And women who take care of their health and beauty of marine fish is very useful. Today we will talk about useful properties in fish, hake.

The properties contained in fish hake are one of the components of good health. Fish is a healthy food of animal origin. Consists mainly of protein, cholesterol in half in less than lean meat. In the human body to digest fish much better than meat. While fish is low in calories, perfect for the product , and even self-sufficient, requiring no bread, no potatoes.

Useful properties

Opticians have found a link between consumption of fatty fish and the state of their eyesight. When consumed fish at least once a week in half you reduce the risk of vision loss after age 60. There is also a relationship between fish and heart in the example of the Eskimos. Eskimos who ate almost exclusively animal food, were among the first of a heart attack at an early age, as they consumed large amount of cholesterol and fat, almost did not consume vegetables, fruits and herbs. The vessels and heart of the Eskimos were in perfect condition. After this discovery, fish and fish oil is strongly suggested as a preventive tool for cardiovascular diseases. Not many productswhich contain useful vessels and the heart amino acids. In the heck they are in excess, and in addition, he is also rich in b vitamins A, D, E, phosphorus, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and selenium. The vitamins of this group are found in meat animals, but there are much fewer. And for normal metabolism, these vitamins are very necessary, they help remove toxins from the human body, and for the prevention of cancer is very essential vitamins A and E.

Vitamins and minerals

The fish hake is almost the only one of products with high content of fat-soluble vitamins. Especially many found in the liver of hake.

The hake meat contains a lot of minerals such as iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, contribute to the normalization of metabolism. Marine fish, unlike freshwater, collect in your body a variety of trace elements (iron, fluorine, lithium, bromine), which is indicated for the treatment of the thyroid gland.

With such rich mineral substances in the meat of hake puts him first in the number of products that provide the human body the regulation of metabolism.

These are all quality fish inspire scientists and doctors to develop a variety of diets. As of prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis should regularly consume a small amount of fish, two or three meals a week.

How to fix the result?

Fish hake very quickly loses its most valuable properties, and this happens after they get inside of the stomach. To preserve the useful properties of fish after it ate, it is necessary to use antioxidants. The simplest way, this to pieces hake squeeze the juice of a lemon, it’s not only for fun but also for protection of valuable fats. In the preparation of herring under a fur coat it must pour unrefined vegetable oil is a rich source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Fatty fish, preferably be eaten raw or pickled, not subjecting it to heat treatment. But if you cook, then cook it quickly, her delicate protein does not tolerate prolonged heat, 15 minutes is enough for baking or cooking. If the meat is cooked, it is cooked for a very long time, heck it is the opposite, first prepare the broth, vegetables, then in it add the prepared slices of hake. Hyuk loves the broth of potatoes and shows its beneficial properties. Hyuk still loves black pepper and onions, vinegar and lemon juice, and white wine.

Caviar fish hake

Spanish scientists, studying the properties of eggs of many marine fish, found that the greatest concentration of the beneficial omega 3 is in fish ROE only three fish (hake, salmon, panagora). And suggest that regular consumption of hake, salmon and panagora that will provide our body with omega 3 to maintain health. Here they are, the properties of hake, which will bring health to everyone. Because the lack of omega 3 can lead to hypertension, diabetes, disturbance of cardiovascular and nervous system depression.

Meat fish hake

Fish hake refers to fish of the sea, to the order of the cod family. Its flesh is mostly recommended in diets, as hake is very well absorbed by the body. Mainly hake length is 20 inches. Has a grayish-black color on the back, abdomen and sides silvery. In stores usually sell frozen fillets or in carcasses, both fresh hake quickly loses its properties, it is subjected to rapid freezing.

Therefore, when buying frozen fish need to be careful, we need to check that the fish is not subjected to a secondary freezing, because Hyuk will lose its taste and useful properties.

The fish hake is also known as hake, is considered to be a popular product due to the lean meat. However, hake is popular not only because of its dietary properties, but also due to its ability to significantly influence our mental abilities and appearance.

Useful properties of this product of the imagination. However, in Russia the heck are somewhat disrespectful and called the fish inferior. It turns out that the reason for all unpleasant is the smell. If nothing is done, and after preparing food has quite a pungent smell. But there is a recipe that will help you to remove this nuisance.

Fillet of hake, pour white wine and stew. Passeruem carrots and onions, adding the peppers. When the heck is almost ready, add the vegetables spasserovannye. Then to the fish you can throw a bit of greenery (dill, parsley, cilantro), a little pepper and salt. Then it’s all cover with a lid. For a few minutes until cooked squeeze the garlic. Give the fish a little brew under the lid and you’re done.

People who love fish, you can guess by their peaceable behavior, they do not like scandals and skirmishes and are almost always in a good mood, and all this because of serotonin, which is produced in the human body due to fish.

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