What are fish?

Species of fish is actually a great many, but everything is easier if you divide them into two main classes: sea and river. This is a simple division we have laid the Foundation of this article. You will learn what are the fish of the sea and river (freshwater). But before that, a few words about why fish are divided that way. It’s in the water in which certain types of fish can live. Of course, there are families of fish, e.g., perch, cod, salmon, etc. but as you know, sea water is salty and river water and water in lakes is fresh: therefore, this classification of fishes is justified. Now let us dwell on some species of river fish that are most common in our waters.

What are the fish river

Among the river fish the most popular species are considered such as IDE, ruff, trout, carp, bream, sturgeon, burbot, tench, bleak, perch, pike, roach, carp, perch, catfish, sterlet, eel, Chub, silver bream and others. Now tell you more about some of these species.


This is one of the most common species found on the territory of Russia. IDE love deep watercourses — rivers, streams and creeks, if they are certainly deep enough. This is a very beautiful fish with silvery, shimmering gold scales and dark blue back. The fins usually have a reddish tint. IDE adult weighs usually more than a kilogram,and some copies and does weigh in 5-6, and even 7 kg. the spawning occurs in April and may large schools. Feeds on aquatic vegetation, and shellfish.


So we got to the first river predator. Not too big (usually about 10-12 cm long) fish is a fish with large violet eyes with pale yellowish belly and flanks, and gray-green backs. Love ruffs virtually any freshwater, they avoid places with strong current and dense aquatic vegetation. Ideal ruff feels deep and cold water. Ruff feeds on other fish and fish larvae. Spawning is usually in the middle of the spring upon reaching 2-3 years. Ruffs live in packs and do not like to change the “place of residence”.


This fish is a true adornment of the waters of the European part of Russia. Quite different for the main shade trout is easily recognizable by its shape and speckles (white, black and red colors) that cover the fish’s body. As for the base color, the darker it is, the deeper the pond, in which there are trout. Trout fish mostly bottom feeding on small river animals — molluscs, worms, larvae and insects. However, if you experience obstacles in your pond, this fish can easily be overcome because the ability to jump out of the water at a distance of 1 meter. Trout spawn in late autumn, and the number of pending single female eggs can reach five thousand. The average length of trout is approximately 30-50 cm and a weight from 500 g to kilograms.


This fish is found both in flowing waters and in ponds that have mud bottom. The crucian carp is of two main types: silver and gold (or rather reddish-yellow), the latter being larger. Fed carp the same as that of trout, namely, small river animals. It spawns in the spring. It is quite heat-loving fish, which, however, inhabits in almost every water body. The average length of a goldfish is about 15 cm, but some specimens over 30 cm and weighing more than 1 kg.


This fish has a very wide and flat body and a small head with very mobile lips, which bream is able to pull into a tube, which cleverly collects at the bottom of all kinds of food. Size bream are much larger carp. The adults can reach 50 cm in length and weigh up to 4-5 kg Bream is a fish of the deep and careful enough, so catching him is not easy. It occurs almost in all Russian rivers, but prefers the warmer water. Bream females can lay up to 300-400 thousand (!) eggs. By the way, females on the right are larger than males, but the latter have more vivid color.


Perch is one of the most common species found on the territory of Russia. Learn bass easy: bulging eyes, a dark green arched back with greenish-yellow sides and a yellowish belly. Average length of adult bass-the whale is about two feet, and weighs nearly 2 lbs. smaller river bass are travenick weighs only about 150 grams, and in length is about 10-12 cm Feeds on perch, like any predator, live food — grubs, insects, bloodworms, fry. Flocks perch spawn in may.


It is time to talk, perhaps, about the gravest river predator. Let’s start with the fact that already small pike as early as possible tries to leave the “parental home” and begins to live separate lives. Depending on the type of water the weight of pike can vary from 1 kg to 10 kg. or more Deep pike prefer to live and hunt in abandoned and remote places of the water body among the rocks and snags, and the so-called pike-travanti prefer overgrown and not too deep tranquil water. The pike spawning is in April-may.


Ending the conversation about the river fish, going to talk about another famous predator. Pike often is the companion pike, upholstered in the same places with exactly the same bodies of water. It is the largest representative of perciform fishes, whose average weight is 5 kg, and a length of about one meter. However, there are some individuals and up to five meters in length and weighing up to 15 kg. Sharp teeth, barbed spikes on the fins — all this makes the perch a formidable predator, however, the sometimes narrow throat prevents it from swallowing the prey is quite broad — for example, fry bream. Spawn walleye, like many fish of European Russia, in April-may. A female walleye can lay up to 30 thousand eggs.

What are the fishes of the sea

As for marine fish, on the territory of our common seas such species as salmon, herring, flounder, halibut, tuna, mackerel, saury and some others. What fish are? Some are related to species of marine fish beings are the most dangerous predators — including humans. These are, for example, various species of sharks. Also anything good does not promise a meeting with such species of fish as the Moray eel or a swordfish.

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