Innovative technologies for processing of pond fish

The main direction of realization of innovative policy in the Voronezh region is the organization of innovative industries based on resources available in our region. One such project is the integrated processing of freshwater fish found in a local freshwater pond aquaculture. At the moment in Voronezh works “Systems of the quality of life”, abbreviated as “SAY”, which is engaged in production of natural products using innovative technologies.

The project initiated by the UK “Sberinvest” managing the closed mutual investment Fund “Regional venture Fund of investments into small enterprises in scientifically-technical sphere of the Voronezh region” and supported by “Agency on innovations and development”.

Total investment in the project amounted to more than 23 million rubles.

The global trend of development of the market for fish products shows a decline in the share of consumption of sea and ocean fish, connected at one end with the high cost of this product, with another with decreasing populations of marine and oceanic fishes. The market share of products from freshwater fishes, in contrast, is growing, due to the increase of volume of catch of freshwater fish, the stock of which is easy to fill because of vysokoprochnost and fast growth rate.

The fish market of Central black earth region includes mostly the production of dried, cured balyk and freshwater fish, which constrains the development of raw materials. The products of LLC “TELL” in the form of preserves, minced fish, fish products, etc. will expand the market of fishery products of the Voronezh region and will take its place by reducing costs and using mainly the production of all cuts of fish.

The peculiarity of the project on the production of deep (low-waste) recycling of freshwater fish in the use of innovative technologies, which allow to obtain final products from pond fish fully cleaned from bones. As well as the possibility of processing secondary raw materials, e.g. fish leather to create accessories and items of clothing. On the part of innovative technologies, which are used for the project has already received patents of the Russian Federation, filed some patent applications, such applications have received a positive decision on the grant of a patent.

Another important condition is support and funding of this project is its complexity, which is caused by the introduction of technologies that support the full cycle from cultivation to sale of finished fish product, and includes three main stages:

the technology of growing

the technology of processing

technology of feed production

The implementation of this project in the Voronezh region became possible not only because, historically, the resource base, but also the possibility of combining intellectual and commercial resources, namely:

Voronezh state University of engineering technologies (UGUID), which has developed evidence-based recommendations on the draft; JSC “Combine Kalacheevsky meat”, providing the project with reliable distribution system that includes approximately 900 retail outlets in the Voronezh region.

If we talk about the production of “TELL”, it is worth noting not only the features inherent in products from fish, such as the presence of healthy proteins with similar composition of animal fats and dietary component and a relatively low cost, wide range of products: fish preserves, fish and frozen foods, fish fillets, sets for soup, etc. In the future LLC “TELL” plan to release sublimated drying cuts resulting from the processing of pond fish, in order to obtain a freeze-dried basis for further preparation of fish stock soups, etc. At the moment in this direction are underway scientific research.

We should also mention the possibility of “replicating” business model innovation, including the production chain of processing fish, in other regions, with water resources and, as a consequence, more income from subsidiaries and franchise agreements.

The project of complex processing of pond fish will not only provide residents of the Voronezh region and Central black earth region with high quality products from local raw materials, but also will allow to solve a number of key challenges for the region:

to reduce the volume of imported raw materials, through the production of biologically valuable product of fish farming are similar to the production of livestock and poultry; to ensure the development of commodity fish base, which is the Voronezh region, through the establishment of enterprises specializing in the processing of freshwater fish; to encourage the development of small and medium business, including farmers, growers and fish feed production; to create new jobs and increase income tax funds from the market in fishery products the budget of the Voronezh region.

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