These amazing fish of fresh water

The record can be considered several kinds. The biggest freshwater fish is the Beluga ( Huso huso ), bone-cartilaginous fish of the family Acipenseridae. Its length reaches 4-5 m, weight is 1 400 kg.

Pike reaches enormous size and great age. Budovou pike can be found everywhere. We have the most big pike are found in Northern rivers and lakes, probably because of their less availability in comparison with southern.

The biggest pike ever caught – it’s historic pike Emperor Frederick II Barbarossa, commissioned them, as recorded on the ring, in 1230 in one lake near Heilbronn and pulled a Seine in 1497, i.e. through 267 years. With age the fish is completely white. Its size was 19 feet, i.e. over 8 yards long, and it weighed 8 pounds. 30 pounds. The portrait of this pike still in the castle of Lautern, and the skeleton of the ring is in Mannheim.

In the XIX century in Russia was caught ordinary, or European catfish (Silurus glanis) with a length of 4,6 m and a weight of 336 kg. In our day any freshwater fish that is longer than 1.83 m and weighs 90 kg, is already considered large. According to the famous zoologist Bram, the length of the fish reaches 3 meters and a weight of 230 kg, however, according to other authoritative sources, these figures are clearly underestimated.For example, encyclopedic dictionaries claim that the length of the catfish reaches 5 metres, and an American zoologist David Wheeler in his book “Fish killer” refers to a figure of 6.3 meters. In some waters caught specimens weighing up to half a ton. Catfish live in all major rivers, lakes and reservoirs of Russia and CIS countries – from the southern borders to the Far East. Soma is also distributed in Europe – except the Nordic countries.

The whole consists of a tail

Tail catfish fishermen called Pleso. He is a very peculiar, hard to understand where this tail starts: the big fish consists of an impressive head and a large tail.

Biggest freshwater fish living in South America is arapaima ( Arapaima gigas), some species reach 4 m in length. Arapaima found in the Amazon.

The smallest freshwater fish

The smallest and lightest freshwater fish is the dwarf pandaka (Pandaka pygmaea). This colorless and nearly transparent fish lives in the lakes of Luzon in the Philippines. The name of Pandaka pygmaea means in translation – the dwarf pygmy. Body length of males 7.5-9.9 mm, and weighs only about 4-5 mg. Along with this the smallest fish are also other types of goby that lives in the lakes filipin – Mistichthys luzonensis, Pandaka pusilla, Microgobius lacustris, reaching a length of 10-12 mm. Despite their size, these fishes are widely used in fried, mixed with spices, etc. often contains Fish in the aquarium. Pandaka pygmaea is listed in the list of endangered species.

Baensch in his Atlas indicates that in 1986, the record was broken by marine fish Trimmatom nanus.

The smallest commercial fish can be considered a fish sinarapan (Mistichthys luzonensis), a type of goby that are endangered and found only in lake Buhi O. Luzon, Philippines. Males reach 10-13 mm in length, and in order to obtain briquettes of dried fish weighing 454 grams required 70 000 fish.

The oldest fish

In 1948 Helsingborgs from the tank Museum, Sweden, announced the death of the female European eel (Anguilla Anguilla) named Patti, who was 88 years old. It is believed that she was born in 1860 in the Sargasso sea, North Atlantic ocean, and was caught somewhere in the river at 3 years of age.

In the records of European monasteries marked carp . lived up to 375 years.

In 1497 in a lake near Heilbronn (Germany) was caught a pike with a ring dated to 1230.

Described a case where in the suburbs in the pond (CORF) in 1794. was caught a pike with a threaded through the Gill cover of a gold ring, on which was wygravirovano: “Put the Tsar Boris Fedorovich”. Because of this the king was on the throne in 1598-1605 G. it turned out that pike was caught at the age of about two hundred years.

From China there are continued reports about the gold fish and Golden carp (Carassius auratus), having lived more than 50 years, but few of these messages can be considered reliable.

Most expensive fish – the Russian Beluga (Huso huso) . Female weight 1227 kg, caught in the Tikhaya Sosna river, gave 245 kg the highest quality caviar. which today would be worth $ 200,000.

Lives in fresh and sea water

Rainbow fish Pseudomogul signifer . living in Eastern Australia and feels well both in fresh and in sea water.

Pike grow faster than any freshwater fish, except catfish

…not counting belomorskih Beluga and sturgeon, and with the exception of catfish. Reaching the magnitude of the yardstick, i.e. 5-6 lbs, we have a 4-5 year life, it increases in length slowly and grows more in thickness. Adult pike grows annually about polyverse. Forty-pound specimens have a length of about 2 feet long and must have at least 20 years, and often 30 or more.

Large pike caught in drainage ditches

When fishing for large European pike is not only the size of the reservoir. For example, one pike per 25 kg was caught in the sand pits. Fishermen on the marshes of the Scottish catch pike in drainage ditches with a width of 15 m!

Fish can climb a tree

Few fish are able to permanently leave their native element – water. Anabas . or fish-the slide that live in the rivers of tropical Asia, not only creeps on the water far from the distance, but using spines Gill covers, can climb on the trunks of palm trees. She walks the earth in search of more suitable habitats. Anabase the gills are adapted to absorb oxygen from moist atmospheric air.

Additional respiratory

The most prolific

Among our freshwater fishes the most prolific carp ( Cyprinus) – up to 1.5 million eggs, pike (Esox) – 100 thousand – 1 million bream ( Abramis) – 90-350 thousand Female three-spined stickleback ( Gasterosteus) just lays 80-100 eggs.

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