What can you cook fish

Fish – a valuable food product, a favourite in many countries of the world since ancient times. Dieticians almost unanimously say that the fish is just a real treasure on the content of nutrients. And it is impossible not to agree. Because the fish in sufficient quantity contains easily digestible proteins and healthy fatty acids omega-3, vitamins and minerals. The fish contains a small amount of saturated fats, so its benefits are obvious.

Nutritionists suggest that you have to enter a fish in the diet, and to cook fish dishes at least twice a week.

Try to cook fish for our recipes, and you will want to do it more often!

Baked fish in Italian

Italy is a Maritime country, so the fish in there love to cook and very tasty. Try to prepare and cook Italian recipes. Sure, you will like it.

For this simple recipe you will need white meat sea fish. You can take Agra fillet or barramundi, and even better – the sea of language, then the dish will turn out especially tender and juicy.

600 g white fish fillet in Italian you will need:

2 tbsp capers,

pinch fresh or dry oregano,

white pepper,


200 g of leeks and tomatoes,

1 tbsp olivkovoe.

Prepare the vegetables: cut leek slices and the cherry in half and fry them for 5 minutes in olive oil, then add the oregano and capers, and fry for another 2 minutes.

White fish fillet sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, place in a deep baking dish, well greased, and the top – put the roasted vegetables and sprinkle them with salt. You can use for better taste of freshly ground sea salt.

Bake our fish with vegetables in the oven for 20 minutes and serve with fresh greens and salads.

Dorada in Maltese

Perfectly cooked fish and Malta. Here know a lot about fish dishes, combining them in the taste of fresh fish and vegetables. Try to make Maltese the most popular fish in the Mediterranean Dorada.

600 g of this delicious fish you will need:

1 large lemon,

50 ml white wine

half bell pepper,

1 carrot,

freshly ground pepper mix,

20 g butter,

large sea salt and a lot of greens: large bunch of parsley and dill.

To start, wash and clean our fish, Pat dry it with paper towel. Prepare the vegetables: chop the diced bell pepper and the carrot, finely chop the herbs. Now RUB the fish with salt, mixture of peppers and stuffing our herbal and vegetable mixture. In a baking dish spread layers of gefilte fish Dorado and the cut slices of lemon on top of a Pat of butter. Pour wine, cover with foil and put the fish in the oven for literally 10 minutes. Baking temperature should be high to 200 degrees. After 10 minutes remove the foil and bake the fish for another 5 minutes – until a delicious Golden brown.


Another interesting recipe fish, which can replenish your Arsenal of specialties is fish in lemanski.

In order to cook it, you will need:

500 g cod fillet,

1 large red onion,

2 carrots medium size,

250 g tomatoes, canned in its own juice,

the quarter of hot red pepper …

half a lime,

6 Bay leaves,

2 tbsp refined vegetable oil,

2 cloves of garlic,

1 tbsp sugar,

salt and parsley.

So, cut the fish into slices of about 5 cm, the onion and the pepper cleaned and cut into rings, carrots – slices.

In a saucepan or skillet with high sides, put an even layer of half the fish, then half of the onions, and top with half the carrots. Then put 3 Bay leaves and half of chopped chili pepper.

We repeat our layers: fish, vegetables and Bay leaf. Wipe the tomatoes with the juice through a sieve, add the oil, salt, sugar and pour this mixture our fish. Now put on the stove and stew until ready.

Meanwhile, cook our fish in imenski delicious sauce: finely chop the garlic and herbs, add the lime juice, salt, sugar and all is well triturated with the pestle.

The finished fish spread on a dish, pour the aromatic sauce and served to the table.

Kebabs of salmon and mushrooms

Fish can be cooked all your favorite kebabs. But if you will make them wild salmon will turn out especially delicious. Moreover, with mushrooms, marinated in white wine and sage. Believe me, the taste is extraordinary!

So, for cooking these kebabs you will need:

500 g salmon fillet,

350 g mushrooms,

a third of a Cup of white wine,

2 tablespoons of soy sauce and olive oil

10 leaves of sage,

pinch of thyme,

white pepper,

2 cloves of garlic and 2 lemons.

And for the sauce you will need: 200 g of cream, salt and fresh herbs to your taste.

Large mushrooms cut in half, small leave as is, add soy sauce and leave to marinate for half an hour. Meanwhile cut the fish into fairly large pieces and marinade it too within half an hour in a marinade of white wine, chopped sage, white pepper, thyme, olive oil and salt.

When the fish and the mushrooms enough promarinovalos – strung them on wooden skewers to prepare and send in the oven for 20 minutes in grill mode. The oven should be heated to 200 degrees. While the kebabs baked – prepare the sauce: mix the cream with the chopped herbs, salt and the finely crushed garlic.

Spread on a platter skewers sliced slices of lemon and the sauce is ready.

And delicious, and beautiful!

Salmon steak with pear salsa

And you can cook a salmon fillet and a more delicious dish – steak with pear salsa. For him, you will need:

2 steak salmon



lemon juice and thyme.

And the salsa we are going to prepare pear, fresh cucumber, red onions, chili pepper, 1 tbsp dill, ginger, olive oil, salt, pepper, 1/2 h L. lemon zest and 2 tablespoons of the juice.

All the ingredients for the salsa, finely shred and leave to infuse. Meanwhile the fish is marinated an hour in a mixture of salt, spices and lemon juice and cook on the grill. Serve this dish with any side dish, but even better with a potato gratin.

Bon appetit!

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