Aquarium fish – care

Aquarium care and fish – not only interesting but also useful. Even in cases where the aquarium is strictly a design element, many owners are so fond of aquarium fish, care for them and study their behavior that they become avid hobbyists. And as a result of researches scientists found that the fish tank is very useful for the psyche and is a wonderful remedy for stress. Moreover, aquarium fish and their care has a positive effect on the emotional state of children, and encourages responsibility. But, of course, we cannot forget that aquarium fish are living beings that need attention and care. To aquarium care and fish have enjoyed should carefully examine all the features and subtleties of this activity. See what experts advise for the proper maintenance of aquarium fish and care for them.

You first need to think carefully where it will be an aquarium, what is the most suitable shape and size. It is believed that a large aquarium is easier to care for than small, which is especially important for beginners. In a large aquarium to hold more fish. For example, care and maintenance of zolotaryuk, space, contrary to the stereotype that goldfish live in a small aquarium. Choosing an aquarium, do not forget about the equipment necessary for caring for fish. The more carefully to be thought out every detail, the later will be easier to take care of the aquarium.

Selecting the aquarium, you can proceed to the selection of species of fish. This is a very important step for the further maintenance of the aquarium. To purchase is only compatible types of fish that share the same needs for temperature, acidity of water, feeding. Based on your choice, you need to calculate the number of fish. On average, 1 cm of fish body requires 2 liters of water. For proper care of goldfish need at least 40 liters of water per one fish. The number of fish also depends on the needs of specific species. Some of the fish can be kept singly only, some need company. Plants for aquarium selected on the basis of selected species of fish.

When all preparation work was completed, the aquarium is running, and the fish settle in their new habitat, one can only admire the work done and to follow the simple rules of caring for aquarium fish. You first need to pay special attention to the feeding fish. Fish are prone to overeating and obesity, which can lead to various diseases and death. For example, feeding goldfish should be strictly limited in time, as they are prone to overeating more than other types. This makes it difficult to care for goldfish, especially if the aquarium is also home to other fish that require more feed. The main principle of feeding aquarium fish – underfeeding is better than overfeeding. It is recommended once a month to do a fasting day.

Caring for aquarium fish depends largely on the needs of a species, so it is important to know the content of the selected fish. For example, the most popular species of fish will look at what details need to pay attention in the first place.

For most fish need high water temperatures from 24 to 28 degrees C, but there are exceptions, therefore, could not be settled in an aquarium of fish with different needs in the water temperature. For example, to care for a goldfish requires a lower temperature of about 21 degrees C.

The number of fish of one species you should choose, guided by the volume of the tank and the characteristics of the behavior in the pack. For example, to care for aquarium fish angelfish need a high tank, and settle them in pairs so that each pair had their own corner. And fish Cockerel care should be such that fish do not become aggressive. Therefore, in one aquarium never accommodated more than one male, and with the help of plants provide refuge for females, in case of aggressive behavior “Cockerel”. Plants in the aquarium have not only a decorative function, but also provide comfort for the fish. For example, to care for aquarium catfish fish, telescope fish, and other bottom types require a specific arrangement of DNA. Plants and driftwood should be arranged so that the fish could hide, but was injured and didn’t get stuck. For beginners it is best to pick up unpretentious small fishes. For example, for fish guppies, care which would not require compliance with complex rules or special conditions.

Thanks to modern equipment, aquarium fish and their maintenance does not require special time and effort. Even beginners can safely learn the hobby and enjoy the wonders of the underwater world right at home.

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