Sharks don’t eat people, because they are too tough for their jaws

Sharks don’t eat people, because they are too poor in fat and rich in bone tissue. Attacks occur due to the fact that predators have poor eyesight and they confuse people with seals. Moreover, young sharks are risking serious damage to the jaw, eating “skinny” dinner, so I prefer to abandon it.

Tourists going on holiday to Egypt, should not especially be wary of the shark on shore, according to statistics, they are at higher risk. The probability of shark attack on humans is extremely low. Such fears successfully created and maintained through the media and cinema. So, the polls showed that after the release of Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”, the U.S. population was covered by the fear of being eaten by sharks. Respondents believed that this is one of the main causes of death of Americans, while actually a chance to die in the jaws of a shark is extremely small.


That first full sexual intercourse on planet Earth began to hold fish, not for scientists.

Last week three Russian tourists vacationing on the popular Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, were victims of a shark attack and got serious injury, and on weekends the shark delivered a fatal wound to the tourist from Germany . Most likely, the tourists were attacked by oceanic whitetip shark, common in the tropical zone. It is not excluded that in both cases we are talking about the same shark.

Every minute millions of people are in the water of the seas inhabited by sharks (i.e. they can theoretically attack the person). Considering this, the number of shark attacks is negligible. For comparison, worldwide in car accidents killed about a million people a year. However, a rare shark attacks receive more media coverage than ordinary traffic accidents, even fatal. In some shark attacks are similar to plane crashes. It is no secret that, statistically, the probability of problems is very low, however every incident hits the front page of Newspapers and in the news, pumping the so-called aerophobia.

According to statistics, every year from shark attacks worldwide killed no more than five people.

Even when going to the beach is a more likely danger than a shark attack. Lovers of the sea water can become “victims” of jellyfish and rays – such incidents happen more often than shark attacks.


The Antarctic fauna is in danger of being eaten sailed in warmer sea sharks

In addition, even if the shark bit the diver, it does not mean for him death. People are too “hard” for the sharks meal, they prefer seals or sea lions, organisms which are richer in fat and more nutritious. Therefore, the probability to receive lethal damage from shark bite is even smaller, they “spit” of the people, as the efforts spent on the hunt, not pay off as “food”.

Why did the attack happen? The fact that

sharks have very poor eyesight. Diver in flippers, they may be confused with a Navy seal, his “favorite dish”.

Therefore an attack on men – only bug hunter. As the shark grabs the swimmer and bites him, she realizes it was wrong – it’s not a seal, but something much less edible. In this case, most often it releases the victim. Unfortunately, the time taken for the shark to sort out food, the person may suffocate or bleed to death.

Weaknesses in the jaws of sharks and adolescents (marked in white)//BBC



Sakhalin’s shores again saw a great white shark

There is another reason why sharks refuse to continue the meal, if the food is too hard. Australian scientists have found that until puberty the scary jaws of sharks have weaknesses.

Sharks-teenagers refuse from eating hard foods, since the risk of severely damage their teeth, they will need to hunt the rest of his life.

Researchers have studied the mechanism of the bite of a shark with the help of computer tomography, which allows to obtain three-dimensional image of the skeletal system of the animal. It led to the discovery of “Achilles heel” terrible predators in his youth.

In addition, recent shark attacks on humans in the Red sea can be a consequence of disturbance of ecosystems, scientists believe Egyptian. Perhaps the culprit uncontrolled fishing in tourist areas. Thus, in the dive divers remain hungry shark fishermen are deprived of their traditional food, and they have to attack people who (especially in suits) more or less resemble their traditional prey.

Environmentalists believe that it is necessary to introduce more severe restrictions on fishing in these areas up to its complete ban.

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