Sharks attacks on humans

How I was almost eaten by a shark

Remember the words of captain Cousteau: “the Shark is one of the most magnificent sea creatures. We admire her strength and beauty.” And fear of shark attacks . People they consider to be their eternal enemies in the sea. Still, after one movement of the jaw can bite man, one blow to overturn the boat. Man-eating sharks reach a length of twelve metres and a giant whale grow to twenty.

How many spooky stories told about the shark attack on humans . They attacked the victims of the shipwreck, the divers descended to the bottom to work, bathers at coastal beaches. In Australia. tell, once the shark grabbed his leg to the man who stood almost on the very shore, and the water was just above the knee.

And I there is great hunting refers to the shark trust. Once they’re dead scared one of my close friend. It was he who told me this sob story. I’ll tell the first person. I think it’s better for perception. This story I heard more than once. And every time he began with the words:

How I was almost eaten by a shark

This story happened many years ago, during the Soviet Union. International tourism then could only dream of. And on a trip abroad and you bloodbruise except for work or service. Here and I in those days came on a business trip to Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. One Saturday afternoon, along with three employees of the trade representation of Indonesian boat we went to sea. Minder on the boat was a young fisherman. His name was, I think, Abdul. He grew up on the sea. The scar upon his long, sinewy hand – trace of the single combat with a shark. Dived for shells, and the shark attacked him. Second hand he slapped the predator on the nose, a fish somehow got scared and immediately cleared. “This is a dangerous area. There are a lot of sharks, said this local guy. – So while bathing be careful”.

In the darkness we found in the sea small coral island, slept on it, falling asleep lulled by the glitter of the southern stars. In the morning, wearing masks and jumped into the sea, or rather in the Indian ocean in search of coral. We came here for. It was amazingly peaceful to go with the pink of dawn, pomolodevshimi per night waves. Sometimes wildlife can be a lot of fun. Float, lazily moving fins, and gaze into the mysterious world, where among the green like a cactus coral flicker colorful scraps of unknown fish sleeping on the sand, fat sea cucumbers, bristle with poisonous needles sea urchins… That is a journey, here is rest! This active rest. and not just lying on the beach somewhere in Turkey and shout — I’m a tourist… Suddenly I saw lying on the sand unusual coral – round, saucer-sized. Such in my collection was not. And I immediately ducked behind him.

The coral was in pretty great depth. Gasping for breath, feeling a sharp pain in my ears, I reached for the findings. Frantically grabbed it and felt her fingers went to the coral, as if he was soft. Rising to the surface, he saw that above the coral in my hand trembled in the water a faint pink smoke and the tips of his fingers ached as if burnt. So I cut myself. I immediately swam to the shore, casting their prey. Not such a terrible problem – a few cuts.

And coming to the shore, I suddenly saw at the bottom of another coral of the same type, but much handsomer and more to do with plate size. No, this simply cannot miss. Never’d never forgive myself! Was taken ashore first and swam for a second. Found it at once, circled above submerged coral rocks, looking for the place that tried to remember. Felt pain in the finger increases – the wound was corroded by sea salt.

Finally found: out of the two lobes of boulders lies he presence on the yellow sand, as if on display. Yes so beautiful admire. The depth is not small. It is not easy for me. I scored more air into the lungs and dived. Lacked, maybe a meter, to reach for my treasures, but failed. When they returned to the surface to gulp air, suddenly noticed how on a dark background depth flashed two black rapid shadow. Realized that shark !

Further kept within a few moments. Sharks did me around a large circle, as if aimed, ready to strike. I hard pulled to shore of the island. Can be done not what is supposed in such cases. But I had no idea how to repel a shark attack . these fierce marine predators. Chose the only available – to escape. If at this point was on the Bank not Abdul, who, waving his arms like an epileptic, jumping at the water’s edge and shouted: “Hurry! Hurry!” — if at this point the banks were sporting judges with chronometers, they probably would have noted a new world record in speed sailing and put on my Laurel wreath. When I jumped onto land, feeling that heart is beating somewhere in the throat, Abdulla said that one of the sharks came up to my feet almost right — he saw it himself. And like me, these sharks do not eat, still amazed!

We quickly gathered his things and left on a boat to another island – swimming is impossible. Here we are now everywhere lay in wait predators. That’s what it means in the sea to get hurt! Sharks have an extraordinary sense. The smell of blood they feel at a great distance.

That’s why the sharks little sympathy I have.

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