6 most unusual places in the world for diving

For those who are not surprise coral reefs and colorful fishes – diving among the Antarctic glaciers, mysterious ruins, underwater volcanoes and unique graves.

1. The Museum of underwater Modern art, Mexico

Off the coast of the Mexican resort of Cancun, diving and cultural tourism are synonymous.

At the time of the Cancún marine Park is on the brink of extinction: because of the huge influx of tourists and climatic changes, his once magnificent coral reefs with their inhabitants is threatened with destruction. With the purpose to somehow distract irrepressible divers from the reef, not depriving the tourists of submarine entertainment, the Mexican government sponsored the creation of the world’s largest underwater Museum. By 2011, under the waters off the coast of the resort was built more than 400 sculptures the size in human growth.

Each of the statues, created by sculptor and diver Jason Taylor, is unique. The Museum is located not too deep below the surface, so to swim among his sculptures can divers and inexperienced snorkler. According to the project, the statue will change its appearance from year to year, gradually overgrown with corals, so to come back here in a new place again and again.

2. McMurdo Bay, Antarctica – ice diver

Diving in the Antarctic? Yes, it really is among the temperature often falling below 40 degrees, where there are no insects, no plants, no large animals, people do the unthinkable and plunge straight into the icy depths. Antarctic McMurdo Bay is a place where divers pierce five-foot layer of ice with the aim to dive in the water, visibility up to 300 meters!

Water temperature under the ice layer never exceeds zero. As only the eyes of divers accustomed to the weak light, the brave divers find themselves among absolutely unearthly landscapes, vaguely reminiscent of lunar craters. By the way, despite the cold, in the waters of the Bay you can meet a lot of amazing creatures such as colourful sponges, sea stars, jellyfish, sea anemones and urchins. Sometimes you can see Emperor penguins, gracefully plying the water in search of prey. It should be noted that dive in the Gulf is allowed not to everyone: it is necessary to have the highest level of diving skills and rich experience.

3. Yonaguni monument, Japan – Lost city

Yonaguni is a small island with an area of only 28 square kilometers, with a population of less than two thousand inhabitants. It is located on a high seas 125 kilometres from Taiwan and 127 km from Ishigaki – nearest Japanese island. The island would have risked complete obscurity, don’t stay near its shores one of the most famous diving spots in the world, the ancient lost city known under the name “Yonaguni Monument”.

Underwater ruins lay at a depth of from 5 to 40 m to the South-East of the island and nowadays is one of the greatest mysteries of the planet. Gigantic platforms, high steps and large columns resemble the outlines of the remains of an ancient temple, its size surpassing all the buildings known to man. However, nowadays most scholars are inclined to believe that the Yonaguni Monument is its appearance shall only nature and nothing else. Disputes about the origin of the rocky formations, however, does not cease to this day.

4. Silfra, Iceland – the crossroads of two continents

The climate of Iceland is located in the North Atlantic ocean, not too adjusts to swimming. However, the situation changes the unique geographical location of the country. Land of glaciers, volcanoes and geysers is located right at the junction of two continental plates. At the surface the rift between Eurasia and America manifested in the lake Silfra, has long been recognized as one of the most desirable diving destinations in the world.

Silfra water is incredibly clean: the appearance of them reaches 100 meters. Thanks to the powerful currents, the water here never freezes, so divers have a chance to touch hands for the walls of two continents. The only thing that you should not expect – so it’s rich underwater life: max who can be found in the cold waters of the lake, tiny fishes, harvesting the stones.

5. Banua Wuhu, Indonesia – underwater volcano

How about to see the volcano up close without the fear of lava and poisonous gases?

Underwater volcano Banua Wuhu is located near the Indonesian island of Mahayana and rises to 400 metres above sea level, only 5 meters before reaching the surface of the water. In its bowels is not hidden lava – instead, from the crater of the volcano spewed ribbons of silver bubbles: sulfur, emerging from somewhere deep below the earth’s surface.

The deeper you go, the more around you will appear bright corals and amazing marine creatures. In cloudy weather, when the water didn’t make it through the sun’s rays and offers a unique mysterious atmosphere and underwater silence sometimes interrupted by the roar of an active volcano.

6. Natonski memorial reef is an underwater graveyard. Florida, USA

The first of its kind the cemetery for those who was too passionately in love with the sea in order to part with him after death. Here, approximately 15 metres under the water surface, there are tombs, monuments, name plaques and even benches.

Dead, when life decided to be buried at sea, first grimiruyutsya. Their ashes are then mixed with sand and cement and the resulting material is cut into shapes such as shells or starfish. The resulting statue divers sink to the bottom. When work on the construction of the cemetery will be completed, there will be a place for the remains of about 100 thousand people.

To visit this place every diver, licensed to dive. By the way, divers are attracted here not only unusual statues-tombs. This place almost immediately after its appearance began to grow into marine life: the surface of the statues is covered with sponges and soft corals, among them flocks of colorful tropical fish hovering. So fans of the underwater world is an unusual opportunity to study the diversity of the South seas amid the tombstones of the boards that says something like “We took grandma to the angels and the dolphins”.

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